MiFi Round Two – Your View


Last night saw our first glimpse of Three’s 2nd generation MiFi, and what a night it was!
Guests arrived in pairs after being picked up in rickshaws “powered by #ThreeMiFi” so that they could use the MiFi on the way to the event and test out “the current Three MiFi’s capabilities through some of London’s busiest streets”

@liamgh assuring everyone that: “It is possible to use a netbook connected to a MiFi in a rickshaw in case you were wondering”

Once everyone had gathered, Matt, Three’s MiFi product manager, gave a run through of the New MiFi: how it differs to the original and what feedback Three took from our triallists in making these changes.

The news that triallists’ feedback had been taken on board in the 2nd generation MiFi was very well received. @liamgh said later:

“It is great to see that 3 have taken the feedback from the user feedback sessions and reviews from bloggers about the MiFi and made many improvements to their product. It is also really satisfying for those of us who took part in this process to see these improvements happen.”

So, what raised the biggest cheer (besides the cupcakes!)?


…the new MiFi has a dashboard that now supports all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux, and this was received very well from the group.

Also, the screen of the new MiFi can double up as a mirror – very handy for those of us that need to apply lipstick on the move : ) (@TheWomensRoom I’m looking at you!)

Check out posts from @nechbi, @bensmithuk, @liamgh, @adonisdemon, @ianbetteridge and @UKGadgeteer for more info and opinion on the new MiFi, but overall the big win was the ease of use of the new model, @ianbetteridge:

“Most of the improvements that have been made to the MiFi are around usability, which gets a big “hurrah” from me.”

Amanda and Jane from TheWomens Room put it simply:

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