Price and date confirmed for 3’s Mobile WiFi

Price and date

The arrival of 3UK’s Mobile WiFi has been confirmed for the 18th September along with details of two price plans – ‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ and ‘Ready to Go’.

‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ is a one month contract that’ll cost £15 with a payment of £69.99 for the router. If this doesn’t suit, the second option of ‘Ready to Go’ will give you 3GB to be used over 3 months and the router for £99.99. Once your 3GB is done you can just top up the service as you would a mobile.

T3 have talked about getting ‘web on the go without a dongle’ and Best Mobile Broadband Deals (BMBD) quote 3’s Sales and Marketing Director Marc Allera,

“Mobile Wi-Fi is the future of internet access on the move and we’re bringing it to customers at price points that make it accessible and affordable. It’s the perfect gift for people after genuine wireless internet access on the go to complement the laptops and iPod Touch’s that will undoubtedly make their way onto Christmas lists across the UK this December.”

BMBD make a note of the mention of the iPod Touch, suggesting the value in having WiFi access while away from home within the UK.

Also impressed by the 3’s ‘MiFi’ package is Ewan from Mobile Industry Review. He’s posted the release details from 3 and outlined the specs. His thoughts,

“Genius. Who’s going to be wandering out to buy one of these then? I will.”

If you’re interested in getting hold of one of 3’s Mobile WiFi packs they will be available on the 18th September or the day before should you opt for the online and telephone route.

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