3 Go Text Unlimited And Half-Price On Mobile Broadband!

Mobile Broadband!

Our pals at 3 have launched a new unlimited text tariff that will give you unlimited SMS sending action and only locks you into a 12 month contract. Appropriately the deals are going by the name ‘short and sweet’, making them sound somewhat like the mobile equivalent of a Minogue sister. Also thrown into the mix, any new or existing 3 contract customer will have the opportunity of signing up to 3’s mobile broadband service at half the normal tariffs on 18 and 24 month contracts, details of this half price offer are on the 3 website.

So what are the finer details? Well the two texter offers come at £25 with 500 mins and unlimited texts, and £35 with 750 mins and unlimited texts. The 12 month £25 plan offers you a choice of free handsets including the Nokia 6500 slider, Nokia 6120 or a Sony Ericsson K660i. The Sony Ericsson W910i is available on the £35 12 month deal, or you can get all but one of 3’s handsets for free if you sign up for the £35 18 month deal. As with all 3 contracts you’ll be getting the instant messenger services of Windows Live and Yahoo!, and then you can add on the option of half price mobile broadband should you so desire.

An example of both the offers in action would mean getting 500 mins and unlimited texts (the new £25 Texter short and sweet offer) and mobile broadband with 3GB a month data allowance on an 18 month contract for a grand total of only £32.50 month, along with a free phone and a free ZTE USB modem, not bad at all.

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